Oran Zegman is an Israeli filmmaker based in Los Angeles. 

Growing up in an Israeli-Greek-Polish family has inspired her to look for the comedic perspective in dark and often tragic themes. Her short Musical film, Marriage Material, which is a Student Academy Awards FINALIST (2019), got recently acquired by Fox Searchlight. However, her parents' biggest pride is for her success in beating the odds and getting married, even though she passed her 30’s.


In 2018, she received her Masters as a directing fellow from the world-renowned American Film Institute Conservatory. Her thesis short, Marriage Material, was the first Musical film made at the AFI Conservatory.

In Israel, Oran graduated from Beit-Zvi, school of the Performing Arts, and worked as an actress in multiple TV series, films, and theatre shows. 


Oran is currently prepping two projects; a musical TV series about based on her short Marriage Material, about an institute which trains love-impaired misfits to match with their ideal partners. The series follows a diverse group of women and explores how much one is willing to sacrifice for a chance at love.

She is also working on her debut feature film which is based on the Israeli bestseller, THE PERFECT IDIOT. The story explores the absurdity of people who follow the herd just to fit in, even when that means following false and often idiotic gurus.


Oran is repped by WME and Industry Entertainment.